Quality Policy and Objectives

Does your organization’s Quality Policy inspire you, or tire you? First, let’s review US FDA and ISO 13485 requirements and ISO 14969 guidance. After that, I am sharing my current “state of the art” model for a Quality Policy and corresponding Quality Objectives. Quality Policy Definitions ISO 9000:2005 – Overall intentions and direction of anContinue reading “Quality Policy and Objectives”

ISO 13485:2016 Quality System Process Risk Management

ISO 13485:2016 has a broader view of risk management than in the past. Risks are to be considered in terms of the impact on medical device safety and performance, and in terms of meeting regulatory requirements. For managing quality system process risks, rather than adding a “Risk” section to each Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as some haveContinue reading “ISO 13485:2016 Quality System Process Risk Management”